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    Food storage options?

    Hi everyone! I am a housewife in a family of two and I always make way too much food for the two of us. I also like to buy in bulk staple items like meats and cheeses, and I vegetable garden (I think my neighbors are sick of the bell peppers I keep shoving on them). Does anyone have a Foodsaver, or anything like that? I keep seeing them at stores, and the commercial makes them seem nearly indispensable. I am interested in product reviews, suggestions, and alternatives. Also, if anyone has any great canning recipes, I'm all about that as well!
    Thank you,

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    I wish you were my neighbor... I Love bell Peppers and they are expensive in Winter!! well not so expensive if you avoid Safeway..and shop at the produce markets. I don't have one of those saver systems..but I have started using the Zip-lock Veggie saver bags..that have little airholes! they do make your produce last longer... The secret to freezing meat is...having no those bags seem smart..but they are expensive..and it another I have avoided them up until now.. I am curious to know too if they are worth it.. But I just try to keep my freezer rotating... commercially frozen meat is flash frozen..which helps it maintain its quality.Good luck on your research.

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    are those the things that suck the air out of plastic bags and seal them? i think they seem pretty gimmicky, and the only times i have seen them outside of the store have been rummage sales. my mom told me that the only people she ever knew who used them were drug dealers, to seal drugs in handy serving sizes.

    for canning, i think the best book is "Putting Food By". it's enough of a classic that it is pretty easy to find in used book stores or thrift stores. it does a good job of addressing safety issues around home canning, too.

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    I like my foodsaver for long term storage of meats and similar things. For everyday use, I think it would get expensive with the bags and refills.

    When I make meals in bulk, I usually just do entrees in a gladware container so they can go in my husband's cooler for lunch.

    For grain/bean/etc storage, I use lock and lock containers.

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    I try to avoid using plastics in my kitchen as much as possible, so this is what I do for food storage:

    - For freezer storage, I use glass containers (that are oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe) that do have plastic lids, but as long as I'm careful to give a 1-inch headspace, the food never touches it.

    - For meats in the freezer, I wrap them in butcher paper.

    - Vegetables/pickles/jams/etc. get canned in mason jars.

    - I also use mason jars for other dry goods that I have in small quantities (like cornmeal or rye flour).

    - I use large apothecary/candy jars for dry goods like flour, sugar and pasta.

    - For beverages (like iced tea and lemonade) I have a gallon size mason jar with a spigot.

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    i love my food saver!

    with it only being myself and my husband we like to shop at costco.. or buy in bulk at other places and we always have extra meat... my food saver saves it! lol.. i used to use ziplocs but they never seemed to hold out the air.. (havent tried the ones with the holes..)


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