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    help a poor old boy out

    HI! im not sure if this site is directly targeted for the crafty lady, but im a guy who''s in need of some help.

    i just purchased this pendleton 100% virgin wool sweater and it smells like its been sitting in an elderly man''s wardrobe closet for years; like he spilt his ointment all over it. can you please tell me how to wash this sweater or at least get rid of the horrid smell. much appreciated!

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    crafty dudes are welcome!

    fill your kitchen sink with warm water, and stir in a squirt of shampoo or dish soap. put the sweater in the water and let it soak for a while (10-20 minutes is fine) without moving it around. lift the sweater out of the sink, and let most of the soapy water drain out. don't wring or twist it. meanwhile, drain the sink and re-fill it with cool water. put the sweater back in, and let it soak a few minutes. if it wants to float, push it gently under the water, but don't agitate it too much. drain it again and repeat the rinse step until all of the soap is out.

    now you want to get as much water as possible out. you can gently squeeze the sweater, but don't wring it. when it's no longer totally sopping wet, spread it out on a towel and roll the towel up. let it sit for a few minutes, and repeat with another towel until the sweater is just damp. don't squeeze or jump up and down on the rolled towel, because it will smash creases into the sweater.

    when you've gotten to the damp stage, spread a dry towel out and lay the sweater on it. gently pat it into shape and smooth out any wrinkles. let it sit there until it's totally dry, which might take all day or overnight depending on the weather and how thick the sweater is.

    that's pretty much the gentlest way to wash a sweater, and you won't have any shrinking. it should take care of the odor, although sometimes old garments just tend to retain an odor no matter what you do.

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    stella gave perfect instructions. i'll add air! after you've done all this is drape it somewhere outside in the shade (once this rain stops!) or in a breeze until it gets that fresh air smell. ointment will probably stick around for a while.... so if the fresh air doesn't get it all, put the dry sweater in a plastic bag with a bar of nice smelling soap or something that you think smells nice - even spritz something that smells nice on it (or on some cotton balls) - and close up the bag and store it there.

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    I was my sweaters just about the same way Stella suggested and I keep a dryer sheet in my sweater drawer to keep them smelling nice.


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