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Thread: Thrifty Secrets and passed on traits from thirfity moms

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    Make Your Own Curtains On A Budget

    As I was reading the posts, I was thinking about how I love to decorate my home, and make it pleasant place to be. One Idea I learned from my Mom, was to make curtains from pretty bedsheets.

    Bedsheets come in many pretty colors and stylish prints. All you have to do is make the measurements the same as a store bought curtain, whether you choose window sill length or long floor length curtains.

    Take some of the leftover sheet fabric and make tiebacks. The matching fitted bottom sheet, can be made into matching accessories, that match your curtains, such as throw pillows, table runners, lampshade covers.


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    Thrifty ideas

    I love to learn about, and pass on thrifty ideas about housekeeping and getting the family together for projects. Our family was very close, but not well off when I was growing up, so we invented things many times. The mind is a wonderful resource when times get tough. I think back fondly of some of the things our family did years ago. I feel very blessed to have grown up that way.

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    [quote:83627484de="WhiteBeltGrrrl"]Good hair cuts are usually overpriced. If you like going to the high end salons but can''t (or won''t) pay their prices... ask if they have an apprentice or student hair cut. Last time I spent $5 plus a large tip (got to help out the starving student) for one of the BEST haircuts ever. The student was supervised at all times and had better ideas than most seasoned stylists.[/quote:83627484de]

    Hi, first time post. I am happy you had luck with this. I went to one last year, and I am currently waiting for my hair to grow back. I had bra length hair, and now have boy short hair... She whacked it all off! and the teacher had to "fix" her work. I was crying the entire time.

    So, now when my hair motto will be Be a HIPPIE!!! Let it grow, Let it

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    I learned to cut bangs myself, mainly because I hated the way my mom did them and the pros did a worst job and charged an arm and a leg for it. That actually lead me to experiment more with cutting my own hair and others hair too. I just recently gave my niece a cute short cut with bangs.
    I also learned to love Alberto VO5 shampoo and conditioner, for their variety of great scents, their great results, and because I can get them for 77 cents a bottle when on sale.
    I of course learned how to sew from my mom, and learned how to recycle old clothes and stuff into things I actually like. I have learned to appreciate hand-me-downs and even seek them out because not only are a lot of them super cute, but the price it great and pieces that aren't so lovely are fantastic as raw materials.
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    I didnt realize you could make your own pickles, what a great idea. I am trying that one this week!

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    Also, 99 cent Only Stores have surprisingly nice clothes. I just bought a blouse with some lovely beading on the front there and couldn't believe they had so many clothes there for only 99cents!

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    we sure need to be budget conscious, otherwise, we're going to face the issue harder with excessive spending. Great article!

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    My grandmother and mom are very thrifty. My mom still washes plastic silver wear and uses it again. Lol. We reuse and recycle when ever we can.

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