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    organizing your work space

    hello everyone!
    i am an industrial design student doing research on how students and young professionals organize their studio/craft/office/work space. The ultimate goal is to design some kind of organization system to accommodate the needs of designers, crafters, artists, or anyone who requires a lot of material and space for their work.
    so i am wondering...

    +what is your work space like?
    +how much space do you have?
    +is it a space that is shared with another room or function in your home? (is your craft room also your dinning room or your desk for paying bills?)
    +what specific tasks do you perform there?
    +what tasks would you like to be able to do there?
    +do you feel that your materials are organized?
    +do you feel your materials are easily accesible?
    +do you want your materials hidden when not in use?
    +what items do you not have a place for or what items do you wish had a better place?
    +do you often clean up after a project or leave it?
    +what makes it hard/easy to clean the mess after you are done?
    +what organizational tools (boxes, drawers, etc) do you use?
    +are you happy with their function?
    +are you happy with their aesthetics?
    +if you're not happy with your space, what is keeping you from improving it?

    thanks a lot guys, your comments, input and ideas will help a bunch!

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    I find it a challenge to organize. My mother was from the old school of a place for everything, and everything in its place. So it rubbed off on me. That's not a bad thing! I don't drive my family crazy about it, but from seeing me do it for over 37 years, and having homes of their own now, it tickles me to see them put things in "certain" places time and again. Like I said, "Its not a bad thing!"

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    I just feel like I need more space! But everything is pretty organized in the space I have.

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    I don't have a designated "workspace" becuase we live in a very small house with 2 young my boys & hubby's hobbies take up much of the extra room!

    So, most of my crafting is done at the dining room table, which is a challange sometimes, because in the middle of a project I have to put it all away to have dinner.

    But, I've found solutions that work for me. I have large rubbermaid totes that I put everything in. There is one or two for each craft, and I store them in the laundry room. They are well labled, so when I need to sew...I get out 2 bins, one with my machine & accesories and the other with fabric. It actually works pretty well for me.

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    I'm lucky as we just moved and I have a designated room for my stuff. We're hoping that I can get my stuff contained and organized enough to fit a sleeper loveseat in the room so it can serve as a guest room in a pinch. My husband just bought me two IKEA work tables and two drawer units to help me get set up. One table will be for the sewing machine and the other for cutting, drawing, scrapbooking, etc. I am so excited because previously I had to use the dining room table and squeeze in quick stints on projects between meals. What a pain.

    The only thing that will be difficult for me to do in there is paint. Bummer. We were hoping for a really unfinished space (ie basement, corner of garage, etc for that since it's messy).

    I was looking for a post like this as I am a little confused by how to set up the space. I want to be able to store yarn and fabric in a way that makes sense and looks good. Right now I have it all shoved into plastic shoe bins and larger plastic bins that seal and I know that's not ideal as it's better for the fibers and fabrics to breathe. So I'm thinking some kind of open bin/basket on floating shelves?

    I was hoping some experienced crafters with designated spaces could post some ideas and even pictures of their work places for inspiration and ideas.


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    I don't know, but I want to change my job in this year!


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