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    for me this would be so impossible! Yesterday I was scrapbooking, cooking and making yarn. Today I might go buy some more crafting stuff, even though I haven't finished anything. I think for me it's having a stash of stuff, although I'd love to declutter! I am actually thinking about buying a house. Maybe it's time to do a purge like I do with my wardrobe every once in a while...the only problem with that is that i start seeing old stuff and trying to do something with it...sigh


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    I replied at your blog, but I'll do so here too. I wish I was more project monogamous, but sadly I am not. I have so many things going on at once and I find that I get antsy with one thing and move on to something else.

    This probably explains why my Etsy shop is bare empty. This is one of my pseudo-resolutions for this year. COMPLETE PROJECTS.

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    I was just thinking about this - in fact, your blog post is the reason I joined Get Crafty! I always have a billion things going at once - some in process and some in my head - but I can''t "finish" anything!

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    Craft Monogamy

    With my knitting I am known to get halfway through a project and then forget where I am and leave it in the basket and start something new...however I finally finished a scarf that only took 2 years (it was 1 skein of yarn too).

    Since I started sewing though I''ve been able to stick to each project from creation through completion before starting another. However I have been building a stash of fabric and supplies like none other!

    DH actually bought me some fabric when we were on vacation last weekend, because he though it looked so cute! I have no idea what I''m going to do with it, but I''m brainstorming.

    Purpledoor- I love your ideas about organizing and utilizing supplies.
    I just started my notebook and it''s already helping me remember what I''ve got in my stash and what I need to finish projects. Great inspiration!

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    I try to stick to one project at once with the only exception being if I have started a project that isn't portable (like a blanket that's gotten too big to carry around or something like a cross stitch). Then I'll only work on the main project at home and when I'm out and about I'll have a smaller one, like knitting socks.

    As far as the stash goes, I generally amass what I know I'll use. So I never buy anything for crafts I'd love to try but don't do yet (like rug hooking), however I have no issue at all with getting as much sock yarn as I can carry at any given time because I *know* I'll use it all up. :P

    And for taking up family space, I have a decent sized area in our bedroom I've claimed as my craft storage, but honestly there are smaller stashes all over the house, they're just out of the way enough that the kids don't even notice and the husband doesn't mind because it's not in the way of stuff he needs .

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