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    Passing the spoon of sass is a great way to say your piece - but it's hard when it's a virtual spoon. There is always a last word, and a last word, and another last word, etc...

    I am always so proud of the unspoken rule we all have when a weird person (like salespeople, etc) posts a goofy message - we all basically ignore it and the thread vanishes into oblivion! Then that person knows no one even acknowledged them, their point was valueless and if they truly want to get feedback they have to come back with respect and good intention. It sounds goofy, but it is so true. Maybe we need to do that more often, even if it is someone we love, they'll hopefully get the gist and get back on track to a better tune...

    I deal with cranky people all day in all kinds of situations, so when I come to the boards, any board, I naturally gravitate to ones that will motivate and inspire me, and hopefully vice versa. Life is too short to let that stuff invade your space!

    Sorry to sound preachy!

    Ok, I'm off to see other topics. I love how this board is growing so fun, so fast!

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    Sometimes I have a hard time not jumping on a thread and being bitchy. Any thread on the Bush administration usually gets me all fired up.

    But I've tried to cool down and not jump in and get nasty. When I feel like writing a flaming reply I actually write my response with a pen and paper. There's just something about actually writing my thoughts down that makes me feel a lot calmer.

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    you can always write a spitfire post and hit preview but not submit, that might make you feel better :)

    Once I was ranting about somone all of you don't know, just a person I knew that was pissing me off, but I didn't see fit to post it, but just writing it down got all my anger out :)


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    I do that a lot. I'll sit down and right out the post, then not post it. I just feel better getting it out.

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    When I have to scan and post a nutritional label because other posters tell me I'm lying, I feel like a troll.

    There was so much hostility over there, but I kept going back. It's kind of like trying to be friends with the cool kids in high school--they always treated me like shit, but I tried every day to fit in. I saw them picking on other people, but I still thought it might be cool if they liked me.

    jt, I agree with writing a post even if it doesn't make it on the board. Sometimes a dummy post is all it takes for me to calm down.

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