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    Looking for a good Internet Service Provider to host my site

    I know that a lot of you have your own web sites for selling your crafty creations, so I'm hoping some of you can give me a little advice.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for an ISP? I was thinking about going with Yahoo because it seems pretty user friendy, but I'm not sure if it's a good deal. $11.95/month + $25 setup ($168.40 for the whole year). That includes the domain name, 25 email addresses (I don't need more than 5), 2 GB of disk space, a suite of design tools (which I wouldn't really need because I already have Dreamweaver), 25 GB of bandwidth and 24-hour tech support.

    Does this seem like a good deal or not? It wouldn't include any ecommerce stuff, but I would use PayPal for that anyway.

    Has anyone had good (or bad!) experience with Yahoo?

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    I've use Cedant before getting my own dedicated server, and never had any problems.

    if you really want to research this, just head on over to and search for any provider you like

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    I love Dreamhost, I think you can get a cheaper plan with them. Plus since you already have DW you probably don't need all the hand-holding you'd get with Yahoo! - I peeked and apparently they're having a sale...

    ( - it's uncrafty and due for an update)

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    Media Temple

    I run 3 websites and they're all hosted by Media Temple. I sign-up all my clients with Media Temple too. A lot of reputable companies work with MT. They offer an unbeatable deal of $7,95/mo if paid bi-annually ($12,95/mo annually) with free set-up. $5/year for domains. 250mb disc space storage, 100 emails, 2 MySQL databases, 15g network transfer, etc. My experience with MT has been nothing but great. They have incredible support, and set you up in 24-48 hours as well. And easy sign-up process. As you can see, I'm a huge fan of theirs..!

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    I have They seem to work well. I think a yearly account is about $70 depending on the package. I haven't had any issues with their service, once I got all the technical migrating domain stuff figured out.

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    i use homestead but it doesnt work on my new imac, i';d love to find another way too 9without having to know all the html stuff).
    i have a yahoo store and i've been pretty happy with it!


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