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    Teaching Arts & Crafts.....

    IS HARD!!!!!!!

    I have survived my first week (well, really only 3 days since I started Wednesday). One half of me wants to call the director monday and pull out and the other half is slapping the the quitting half for being so ridiculous because it is fun and rewarding. Ugh.

    We've done Bottlecap Art, Funky & Fun Packaging Tape Wallets, and Artist Trading Cards (THANK YOU, KATHY and FELLOW ATC SWAP MEMBERS! -- my package arrived Thursday and I didn't have to make samples for the kids to be inspired by -- I just used yours! They LOVED them!)

    All of the projects have been overwhelmingly popular. They have never had that many kids want to do Arts and Crafts. I've been having about 40-50 kids a day(in 2.5 hours!!!!) and even more impressive is that a good part of that number is boys which I guess is a first for the club. At one time yesterday, I had 23 kids doing ATCs.

    Each day I think of ways to improve the flow and make it easier on me so the kids can also benefit. If anyone is a teacher, I would love more classroom flow and control suggestions!

    I do know that after yesterday, loose glitter will be only available at one table to kids 5th grade and above. I had a bunch of 2nd grade girls in the back who dumped loose glitter all over the table and well...I think I have glitter coming out of my ears still even this morning!!!! Glitter glue pens for the little kids only!!!

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    You are so awesome! I'm glad it's hard; at least then when you survive, you'll know it's GOT to be rewarding on some level.

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    woah- working with that many kids at a time is going to be really hard- how many other adults are there to help with crowd control? WIth stuff like glitter and sequins I ususally decant small amounts into containers and then when it's gone it's gone- part of the 'fun' is learning that lesson! With glitter as well we teach kids how to collect it onto newspaper and tip it back into a pot- that way you end up with a crazy combination of colours but you get to keep at least some of it!
    For activities that are really you intensive-(needing a lot of direction) it doesn't hurt to make lists and get the kids to take turns- I know I can manage about 8 kids at a time max before I start to feel people are missing out on stuff- soon as one kid finishes they can go get the next person on the list and keep things flowing.
    It really does help to have examples to show because sometimes just explaining or working through doesn't grab the attention in the same way as saying- look you can make this! ANd have projects that are adaptable so you can tailor them to the kids involved..
    I'm trying to think of the most successful things i've done with kids- i'll post back later when i've had more of a think.

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    It sounds like you really have it under control!! ou can also have them bring in a mint tin to make a little shrine!

    I bet you are an awesome teacher, keep up the great work!!

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    I'm in Indiana, too! I'm not really a queen, but a goddess in lovely Lafayette.

    Anyhow...I'm a part-time high school teacher but I have maybe a few good tips or tricks for how to keep the peace while doing arts and crafts! Let me just say this: It's not easy and rarely works. The best tip is to just go with the flow. I just had my Spanish II students make a mural for Hispanic Heritage month. I divided them up into 5 groups and each had a "theme" to work on. Working in groups is always a good idea but sometimes not possible if you want them to each have a finished product.

    Do they have step-by-step instructions? That sometimes helps for those kids that work well on their own. Setting up stations is always a good idea, too. One area for coloring, one for gluing, etc...(or whatever fits your project).

    I'm sure that once you get more comfortable in your role as the teacher and get to know the kids that are coming a little better, it will be easier to manage.

    Good luck!

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    Sorry, not a teaching tip...

    I'm wondering if you have found any good online kids' ATC resources. After seeing me make my batch for Kathy last month, my daughter has gotten all excited and wants to do some swaps with other kids...

    Thanks!!! And keep up the good work.


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