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Thread: introduce yourself

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    Aug 2004
    Hi All,

    I've been lurking for a while on this new board. I was DolceVita on the old Glitter boards many years ago, but haven't been very active online for quite a while. I just started a graduate program in Los Angeles and am getting back into crafting again (for many reasons, not the least of which is saving money and being more ecologically and socially active).

    My hobbies and interests include: primatology, politics, crafting/DIY, outdoor activities (i.e. hiking, lounging at the beach), good coffee, reading the New York Times or a good book, watching movies and good television, my iPod, and of course, my friends, many of whom I left when I moved to Los Angeles and I miss them all a lot.

    If any of you are in the Los Angeles area, I'd love to meet you.

    CraftyMonkey, aka Jen

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    portland, or
    Hi all. A fellow knitter told me about getcrafty. You all are fascinating!

    A little bout me...I'm Liz, 29, live just outside Philly with two cats and my boyfriend. I've been knitting for about 10 years, but have really taken it up seriously in the past few years, making sweaters, bags, blankets, and the like. I tend to knit alone but am always meaning to join one of the knitting groups around here.

    Last year I started weaving. My gently used 45" Leclerc counterbalance loom is one of my prized possessions and takes up pretty much all of my kitchen (had to get rid of the kitchen table).

    Other crafty stuff I dabble in: sewing, rug hooking, baking bread, brewing beer, organic gardening/farming. I make a living as a technical writer, but have a library science background and would like to get back to the library world at some point. I am a DJ for a college radio station and also at a nightclub in Philly.

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    I'm Abbie, and I'll be 24 in 3 days!!! I grew up in Kansas (yea for Kansas craftistas...seeing your thread made me wish I still lived there so I could play too), went to college in Ohio and now I'm an Americorps VISTA (volunteer in service to America) in Wyoming...its a cool program, if you don't know about it you should check out I'm spending a year in Wyoming setting up afterschool workshops in two small towns (and I already have three crafty ones planned I'm so excited!) and at the end of the year I have lots of experience to put on my resume, I get to learn lots of neat stuff from my volunteer workshop leaders, and a chunk taken out of my student loans...nice, huh?
    I'm also a big bookworm, love photography and anything outdoors...and I'm so excited that getcrafty is still around...for awhile there I thought it was gone forever, but now... =)

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    Aug 2004
    The Big T.O, Canada
    Howdy! ( sorry i just really really like saying that) My name is Avs (Ava on my birth certificate) and I live in a small city outside Toronto, Canada. I'm a yellow belt kickboxer (the first belt- i just joined in march-) , an avid crafter, a student, a vegetarian and lazy ass when I feel like it.

    .:Things that ROCK MY SOCKS!!:.

    * Things in parentheis (brackets?)
    * the mango -peach fragrance from the body shop
    * COOKING!
    * muffins...i absouloutley love muffins (especially the quaker-oats oatmeal muffins mix with blueberries)
    * fruit
    * grapefruit mentos (soooooo gooooood)
    * monkeys, pigs, anything cute
    * cherry cheesecake
    * cookies
    * pina coladas (hey hey don't get you t-shirt panties in a bunch i drink the non-alcholic oines)
    * the rain

    .:THINGS THAT MAKE MY SOCKS SMELL BAD (aka thing i dislike);.

    *school -im a youngin and still in school :( -
    *scary movies
    *being cold
    *the fact my grandad has to have a double bypass on his heart(the doctors arent even sure he can have it because he's so old and smokes ALOT) and that he has skin cancer. he's too awesome to go through that
    *probabley lots of other things that i can't thing of right now

    Well thats me in a nutshell! If you wanna know more about me (which i highley doubt) just private message me! Thanks!

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    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Rose, and am currently 20 years of age. I reside in California and will be graduating in February with a BS in Business Information Systems. I'm currently in a long term realtionship with a great boy and hope to have an Alaskan Malamute as a companion in the near future.

    My favorite time of the year is Fall/Winter. I am a major book worm and usually read 3-8 books a week depending on their length. I really enjoy food and music and wish that I had time to cook dinner every night. I hope to someday travel the world, write novels and raise kids and Alaskan Malamutes in the country or moutains somewhere. Have I mentioned what a dreamer I am? I dislike fast food and spiders.

    I'm a girl with crafty intentions and huge ideas that don't always get carried out. I'd really like to take up sewing and silk screening and finish the projects I start.

    I used to lurk on glitter, but am really happy about stumbling upon the new forums after being absent for so long. I love me some get crafty and look forward to getting to know you all better.

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    madison, wi
    hi! my name's anna. i'm 25 years old (i'll turn 26 next month), i'll be married 5 years on sept. 10 to this great guy named norm. i have a fuzzy white cat named kitten. he's a turkish angora with one blue eye and one green eye. he's kinda dumb, yet lovable.

    my occupation is freelance photography assistant, and i do a little shooting on the side for myself. i have a degree in commercial photography, and i love to look at pictures.

    some of the things that float my boat include MUSIC (my first and long-lasting love), film, photos, knitting, scrapbooking, playing old videogames, goofing off with my husband, traveling, visiting friends, dancing, and having fun.

    i'm working on being more crafty--i've only just started knitting, and am learning how to finally purl, read patterns, and make other things other than rectangles. i've scrapbooked for 7 years now, but have a hard time finding time and space to work on them. i want to do things like reupholster furniture, paint more, and bead.

    i collect vinyl, purses, shoes, and now, yarn.

    i'm really excited to see so many crafty people! this is what feeds my creativity!!!

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    Hey! I'm Steph and I currently live in British Columbia, Canada. After lurking and feeding off the creativity around here for so long, I thought it was finally time to join!

    I learned how to knit about a year ago and am in the middle of my first-ever hand-knit sweater. I also love beadwork, photography, sewing, and cooking! I'm working on a degree in political science at the moment, and that's been cutting into my crafty time lately.

    One day I want to own a winery in the Okanagan or in the south Gulf Islands and spend all of my time seeing as many live bands as possible. I love music, but I've learned that doesn't make me musically talented. Sigh.

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    Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Hey everyone!

    My name is Sanne, but I go by FloozySoozy. Some of you may remember me from the old Glitter, some will know me from the new Glitter. Today I return to the new and improved GetCrafty.
    I live in the Netherlands, and will turn 24 very soon. I am a graduate student of women's studies. I support my passion for acadaemia by working two jobs; one as a copywriter/editor and one as TA. In the mean time I am trying to develop a career as a freelance journalist.
    I love to knit and have managed to produce some interesting pieces. I also enjoy cooking and being a total food snob. I firmly believe that both endeavors yield the best results when pursued in a state between tipsy and plastered.
    I like talking about sex only slightly less than having it.

    Much love,

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    Austin, Texas
    Hello old Glitter/new GetCrafty people! I used to lurk on Glitter as well, but now I'm taking the plunge and talking on the board.

    I live and work in an overall fabulous city, Austin, but dream of moving overseas someday. In the meantime, I teach yoga and work at a montessori-esque school for kids k-12. I am currently attempting to reconcile a longtime dream, grad school, with the burning desire to move to Canada, South America, India, Europe, Nairobi...

    Let's see, craftiness. Vell dahlings, I mostly enjoy putting weird outfits together - does that count as "crafty?" My love affair with the vintage/thrift store is countered only by coffee, movies, scarves (wholly impractical), sweet potatoes, and my obsession with text of any kind - magazines, books, the internet. I'm a reading junkie but not always in a good way - I have a shameless stack of brain candy stuff like "Self" hiding underneath more edifying things like "The New Yorker" and "Utne."

    I also like to make jewelry (inspired by my mom - her stuff is awesome), ceramics whenever I have the resources, decoupage, making stuff for my bedroom like candles or picture frames or whatever.

    One of the favorite things in the world is going grocery shopping with my boyfriend. And petting cats. I want one so badly!!! Damn apartment pet deposit!

    Soo that's me. I lurve GetCrafty and already feel a little rush after writing this post!


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    Quote Originally Posted by storyhabit

    Let's see, craftiness. Vell dahlings, I mostly enjoy putting weird outfits together - does that count as "crafty?" My love affair with the vintage/thrift store is countered only by coffee, movies, scarves (wholly impractical), sweet potatoes, and my obsession with text of any kind - magazines, books, the internet. I'm a reading junkie but not always in a good way - I have a shameless stack of brain candy stuff like "Self" hiding underneath more edifying things like "The New Yorker" and "Utne."
    my feeling is that putting together weird outfits, especially those from the thrift shop, is one of the craftiness things around.

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