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    Toot your horn--something nice you did for someone

    I feel like my rants lately have been out of control; I'm a little down on the world right now. I need a reminder that people aren't all bad....How have you reached out to help someone lately? Have you noticed other random acts of kindness?

    Today I washed all the aprons for work because the regular girl who does them is out of town. Our assman was going to take care of it, but the store manager just went MIA and he's dealing with that mess. I'd like to save him a little chore since he already has a lot of pieces to pick up.

    I went out for drinks with the Captain a few nights ago. We ordered an appetizer sampler that came with buffalo chicken wings. After we finished, I noticed he didn't touch the wings which I thought was odd since he absolutely loves them. He told me he didn't eat them in front of me because he knows gnawing on bones grosses me out. Yes, it's the little things that make me so crazy for him.

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    I do little things all the time. I don't talk about them, though. What I can do is tell you what I've seen other people do this week...

    A friend saw me forget my water bottle and carried it around for an hour until we met up again.

    A truck got stuck behind a broken down car in the turn lane and the person ahead of me waved him in this afternoon.

    A chance conversation at my parttime job yielded a very nice compliment for a friend from school. She'd been a little stressed lately, so I put a note on her bag with the nice thing her acquaintance said about her to me.

    Someone paid the graduation fee for a fellow student who is really destitute. We don't know who it was.

    My mother is feeling sick, and my dog parked her butt right by mom's bed without complaint while I was in school. It was so nice to see she understood that she was needed for comfort and had to behave.

    The young man who lives next door came over and spoke to my elderly parents yesterday to say he was joining the Air Force and leaving today for basic training. He thanked them for watching over him as he grew up, for being great neighbors, etc.


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