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    puppy separation anxiety

    my chihuahua had three beautiful puppies about six weeks ago. the time is getting close to give two away to my sister-in-law. i'm so sad, i can't imagine them not being here, they are so cute!!! at least they are going to a good home and we'll still get to see them...

    deep breath...sniffles....

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    I don't know how dogs really feel about this, but I bet Bianca is getting a little weary of it all. Still very maternal, but inclined to snap gently at her puppies when all she wants to do is sleep.

    I know I could never let an animal go to another home. I love puppies and kittens, but am so glad that I never had to deal with parting from them.

    Concentrate your affections on little miss Bianca and see if that helps you gain closure with the puppies. It'll probably make her happier for things to get back to normal, too.

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    This is very hard. When my parents dog had puppies, we cried each time one left, but always were reassured by, and talked about what nice people they were, and how we were still keeping one! Good luck.

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    A woman I know breeds her bearded collies. She always keeps the address of the family that she gives them to. She sends birthday presents and cards in order to keep in touch and make sure the puppies are doing fine. That seems to give her peace of mind.


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