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Thread: Free clicking!!

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    Free clicking!!

    Hi! I just wanted to make sure everyone knows about these sites where you click on the links & companies donate money to save the rainforest/feed hungry people/promote breast cancer research/supporting the arts, etc. So it's totally free for you, & it just takes a couple clicks!
    They all have more than one thing you can donate to. It just takes a minute or so every day, & if you put one of them as your start page, it's easy to remember. I usually open a new window & do it while I'm waiting for another page to load.
    Does anyone else do this every day already? & do you guys know of any more similar sites?

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    I've been doing the HungerSite for a few years now. And usually the other four that are crosslinked with it. I don't have a decent connection so the so load can lessen my hits. I tend to stop the display once I have a clickable donation link, then move to the next site the same way. I know they need clicks on the advertisers, but I don't do that very often unless I have something really tedious running in the background.

    Didn't know about those other sites, Thanks!


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