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Thread: Stinky shoes?

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    Stinky shoes?

    I have some leather Ballet flats that I have been wearing non-stop all summer long without socks, and now they are a bit stinky!

    What can I do to save them? I can't wash them because they're leather, so how to rid the funk??


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    I usually stuff my ballet shoes with dryer sheets every time I take them off. Hope this helps!

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    Do the packets of silica work for ballet slippers in the same way they do for tennis shoes?

    I need some silica.

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    Don't know if it works after they're already stinky, but dusting them with baking soda before you wear them helps prevent odor.

    Edited because I realized I said baking powder when I meant to say baking soda. I should never post before my morning coffee.

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    I deal with this issue because I mostly wear nonleather shoes, but this trick should work for you, too. Dilute several drops of tea tree oil (and peppermint, too, if you like) in a spray bottle of water. Spritz a bit into your shoes and let dry. It may take a couple of applications, but it does the trick.

    Good luck.


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