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    kinda dumb ? abt plants

    Hey --

    Can any of the avid gardeners/plant-growers out there help me with a question I feel sorta silly asking?

    I have a basil plant that I got and I repotted it. The new 'pot' is actually a ceramic cup, with no openings on the bottom.

    Is it OK to put a plant into a vessel that has no openings on the bottom? Will it survive if I over-water it?

    I've often wondered about this.. lol.

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    The hole at the bottom is for water drainage. So yes, chances are if you water it, the water will collect at the bottom, causing the roots to rot. Plants only need its soil to be moist, not swimming in water, kinda like a mildly squeezed sponge. If you wanna use the ceramic pot for asthetic reasons, you can place the plant in one of those cheap plastic pots first, then place that into the ceramic pot.

    Hope that helps!

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    if you put some rocks like graval or somthing in the bottom for the water to drain into it should be fine you just dont want the roots to get too wet.


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    Yeah, what Astoria said. And don't water it too much. Bear in mind that basil is an annual, and the plant dies after it makes seed. So at this time of year it may be a moot point.


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