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    any kundalini yoga fans out there?

    I love this style of yoga .. Feels weird while you're doing it but wonderful after.

    I just started teacher training but I can't quite decide whether I should take the plunge... although I love the effects of it and wouldn't mind sharing it with others, some of the stuff associated with teacher training isn't really me. Like -- the 4:30 am 2 hour meditations! I could only do them if I don't sleep til afterwards!

    Anyone else out there into KY?

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    I tried one kundalini class, and didn't love it, but I'm afraid I had a bad teacher. I usually prefer Vinyasa or Hatha, but that is because I have found a couple teachers I like. (To tell you the truth I don't see a lot of difference at my gym)
    What should be the main difference of Kundalini?
    I know enough about myself to avoid anything at my gym that has a silly name (Laughing Lotus Yoga, Tribal or Rainbow Yoga, don't even get me started on Disco Yoga) or involves chanting (Jivamukti) but there are still too many choices! I'm not ready fro Ashtanga, or Hot Yoga (probably has a real name), and the Anusara ais at a bad time.
    I guess the number of coices is the real reason I stick to the few I know.
    Have fun! (I'm with you on 4:30, it's easy to stay up until then, but to get up? yikes)

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    We had Kundalini Yoga as a PE option at college, it was great. How can you not love a PE with a half hour nap? Our teacher, who sadly only ran about half our classes and had student teachers for the rest, did research on the effects of meditation on the body. Fascinating stuff.

    Though it was a bit strange to have a PE teacher with such a big round belly - I'm sure he couldn't do some of the crouching over bending exercises we needed to do, my lil stomach paunch was getting in the way.

    I'd totally love to take more classes, but I'm worried about finding a real kundalini teacher, plus all the yoga classes I've found have been $15 a pop which seems a bit steep to part-time me. Is that the going rate elsewhere?

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    This is the only yoga I really enjoy because it's so aerobic as well as all the other yoga stuff. I've actually been to the mildly famous one in Los Angeles, so I think my experience was a really good experience.

    The only problem is that everytime I do kundalini (I have one tape I can do), I am so sore for days afterwards. So, I usually just do the tape when I feel my body is out of whack and needs some extra strength yoga.


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