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    I live in Sandton South Africa. No lions near me :)

    Crafters are proud to be addicted

    I Love how a crafter will openly admit to our addictions, and even list them - with pride.

    But people that are addicted to other stuff seem to think they should hide their addictions.

    Even ones where it is obvious, like a guy who is at all the old car shows, looks like an old car - hell, even smells like and old car, will tell you that he is not an addict.

    Us Crafters wear our addictions proudly on our sleeves.
    Well done guys!

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    It' s nothing wrong in being addicted to something and crafting is not a bad addiction, my husband is very addicted to his antique watches, he cleans them all the time. Even though I am not a crafter, I am a huge admirer of people' s creativity and I met old artisans who dedicated their life to it. I really think that crafters are the only people who can continue their work, otherwise the true value will be lost. What are you currently working at?

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    One person's addiction is an other person's hobby? Remember the line in Ghostbusters, the movie, where the nerdiest doc tells the receptionist, "I collect molds. spores, and fungi." I kinda wondered why that was weird. At the moment, I think I only have a few dried fungi, but I have been known to save a gob of mold or some sporangia to put under the 'scope.

    Anything I've collected has grown to pathetically large collections. Not world winning, but minor aspects of hoarding. Only slight exaggeration. I did not hoard cats. Had five at one time for about a year while the mom of two was incommunicado. And I only have about 50 brass bells. And my total shell collection resides on the back porch if they aren't incorporated into décor in some way. And I did give a couple of carloads full of my material stash away.

    On the bright side, my collage of cathood has fur of many colors, including a small felted area with a vet tag on it. My shells are everywhere, but not obtrusively. Soapdishes, bobeche for candles, jewelry, dresser knobs, in macramé, in potted plants, on lamp shades, etc. I find shells in endtable drawers and with the vacuum. If I unpack some stored books, I'll think how did this scallop shell get in here? And I use fabric in occasionally surprising ways.

    There was a list going around pinterest that had a "crafters' manifesto" or some such. I had to admit that it jibed with me. Especially when I read that even if I don't have a need for it right now, I might need it in the future. So I have some crafting tools among many other things that I just can't see to sell or donate. How many latch hooks do I need?

    I'm not addicted. I am in the middle of many projects right now. Including looking for ways to use up small amounts of latch hook pre-cut wool. I'm thinking tassels or pompoms. Easier to do the tassels with such short lengths, I think.

    Lovely topic, Robert.


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