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    Need help on how to make this hat

    Hi I'm new to crafting .. Actually I have no experience..I would like to make this hat for an on coming Kentucky Derbies style horse race event. Does anyone has any suggestion on what to use? How to do the pattern etc?
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    Hi, I have no idea how active this board is anymore. It's been years since I've checked in.

    Hat making is not for the faint of heart. Understand that the foundation for the hat is important. I'm not talking about finesse: just simple physics. How do you expect to keep the hat on your head, to grip your head, to keep from sliding, to support the butterfly, and all with minimal and unobtrusive foundation.

    Let's say you use an alice band, maybe a cushioned and wider alice band covered in satin in your hair color. You should probably line it with some skid proof foam or tiny teeth to grip your hair. Then, the size, weight, and material of the butterfly wings will demand a base to sit on. So, a quilted oval of some stiffer fabric covered by satin again, and stitched to the alice band.

    The butterfly wings might best be constructed with craft foam, which you can buy in sheets and in different colors at craft stores. Sketch out your idea of the butterfly, then make your pattern from tissue or whatever you are comfortable using. This pattern will be the size of your hat butterfly. You could freehand the whole thing, but you will do better to draw one side and then copy that in reverse for the other. The photo shows basically four wings, which gives added depth and movement to the hat. You don't necessarily need to do that.

    You could do the line work with a glue that works on your foam but doesn't set right away. Maybe Elmer's white glue? Tacky glue? One way would be to use glitter, or microbeads, but you could possibly use satin rattail cord. Painting or using a sharpie would work, but may not offer enough depth for interest. Again, do the same thing on the opposite side in reverse. I'd do the wings separately and then add them to the base.

    The thorax could be nice in black velvet or plush or maybe even fleece, a tube filled with fiberfill, and loosely quilted in segments. The antennae could be black pipe cleaners or black artistic wire of a substantial weight, like 16 gauge? A frill at the ends, or maybe a curlicue would be nice. Chenille pipe cleaner there maybe. If you can do the two antennae with one piece of uncut wire, that would be best for stability and for anchoring.

    I'd sew the antennae under the thorax, stitch or fasten the wings together as a foursome and fasten to the underside of the thorax, then wire or stitch that to the padded base that is already fastened to the alice band.

    If you find my instructions difficult, you are really not going to like serious millinery advice. I'm just thinking about relatively common supplies. As with any creative endeavor, go off on any tangent you want. So if somehow you think about the wings people make with wire and pantyhose, maybe that's what you'll need to incorporate.

    Just be aware that this will be a difficult hat to wear. Especially in the size in the picture! The slightest breeze, the random brush with walls or people, and the touches by the curious folk all will put a strain on your neck. You'll have to attend to it in restrooms that may be awkward to get into. Good luck.

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    Glad I've found your advice, lizamahoney. As a DIY begginer, I find this very useful.

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    Thank you for sharing your wonderful advice.


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