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    Lightbulb Why Weekly Planners Are Kinda Awesome

    I know what you're thinking: BORING! Who needs a weekly planner when you can just use a phone app? Well, here's a fun post about WHY THEY'RE AWESOME. So first of all, weekly planners are kind of a hassle. You have to open the book, for one--when you could just tap a screen. Then, you have to use time and energy to write stuff--when you could just be sitting down and typing. BUT. This hassle factor makes it easier to remember, because you know that if you don't check it, all that work will be for nothing. Also, you can decorate weekly planners, you can make them your own instead of a pre-designed, solid phone app. I just bought a 2016 one with pages of 2015 in it, too. This is GREAT because I can experiment with my new Faber Castel paints on it! I used Faber Castel Gelatos to make a metallic paint spray and sprayed it on some of my 2016 pages, and they're beautiful now! So you see? Physical weekly planners can be awesome.

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