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    Software Recommendation

    I recently got a promotion and I was transferred to our civilian affairs branch, I work in a military institution and I handle all our civilian employees 201 records and as an ISO certified organization I need to track their training status, training requirements and course evaluations as per ISO requirements. I have heard of a system that can assist me to reduce errors in terms of tracking our employee’s competency but I don’t know what it’s called or where can I acquire it. I was hoping someone here can relate and give ideas about it. Anyone here?

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    I think you are talking about employee training software, one of the best ways to start about it is by looking at the reviews so you can be sure that you'll get a quality employee training software. using one can help improve your company’s employee training techniques. Furthermore, it can also help improve employee performance.

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    I did what you just suggested and based on reviews the company Verse Solutions has the best tracking software.. I might give them a call next week to inquire about their product.

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    I think you're asking on the wrong site

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    You can use python developers in virtual teams which helps to develop any kind of software and applications. It's very important to find a reliable company and to cooperate with them. I used their help to create health app and to know all aspects of software development.

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    As I understood your main problem is managing your employees and there are a lot of useful strategies for it. There's a plenty of special software types too, however you can achieve the best results only in combining its using and different effective management strategies.
    For example, as the most helpful strategies are considered:
    - being yourself even in the manager's position (without this the whole work will become much harder for you and such approach will lead to losing trust from your employees)
    - creating a culture of feedback and transparency (it's a basis for the employees to feel themselves free for being the best in their work, such approach also creates the culture of constant learning)
    - having knowledge about each individual (because it shows a genuine care for your employees and it's always appreciated by the workers, and creates stronger connection with them)
    - appreciating the good work (it always shows much needed recognition and keeps their motivation high)

    And in case of the software you can try for example the qualitative data analysis type , also such popular programs as Scoro, Zoho Projects, Workbook, Redbooth, Promoworkflow, Clarizen and so on.
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