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    Energy Efficiency at Home

    Hi again. I've been wondering on how I could lower our energy consumption at home. All I know is that I have done everything to save energy but it seems like it's still getting higher every time. Any suggestions from you mommies out there?

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    Hi there, this is what we do. Although our electricity was higher last month than ever before, becuse we used our emergency heat instead of our heat pump. Because once it gets 20° or less the heat pump can't work anymore. What we do is turn off rooms that we don't use. Try to keep the rest of the house to the lowest degrees like 68° to 70° & wrap up in extra clothes & blankets. We have a 3700 Sq ft. house, & including basement & most the time it's around $100 a little more or less untill lately because of the emergency heat. We had to, just to cold not to. Hope that helps.

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    I was wondering. Do you think energy management solutions like this one from Ecova can help help improve energy efficiency? Also, are they just for business or can homeowners benefit from them too?

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    Where do you live? If somewhere that can support solar power id recommend investing in that

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    There are several ways to increase Energy Efficiency at home:
    1) Insulate your loft
    2) Upgrade your boiler
    3) Hang thick curtains and insulate your doors
    4) Watch your energy consumption
    5) The coolest way is
    portable solar panel you probably ask what is the site, and I will answer that you can buy alternative energy sources there. I bought a solar battery there, because aiper is to design and manufacture portable , convenient, reliable, and safe energy products for everyone and every place.
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