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    Paper mache suggestions?

    Hi there, everyone!

    It's been awhile since I've done paper mache and looking to take on a project with making a few masks. I have a few older store-bought masks that are hard plastic that I was looking to mache on top of so I could duplicate them and paint them different colors, however I had a couple questions as to the best way to go about it

    Firstly, I do not want to cause any damage to the existing masks when I'm doing this so I was curious as to the best way to go about ensuring they aren't damaged. Would petroleum jelly be a good use for this, or should I use something like Saran wrap?

    The paper mache I will be doing is just for the front half of the face but would I still be better off doing a half face at a time in order to be able to release the dried paper mache and then just gluing them together afterwards? Or would it be possible to do the full face all together without having any problems releasing it from the hard plastic mask underneath?

    And lastly would there be any suggestions you may have regarding the best method to use in order to try and capture as many details from the original mask as possible? By using Kleenex versus paper? Or would either message suffice along with some watered down PVC glue?

    Thank you! :-)

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    You could find some unique ideas on the internet. You may read about how to make paper mache using face mold. There are tutorials that you could find at Spruce crafts or Ultimate Paper Mache.

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    Paper mache suggestions

    I have made so many jewellery item with paper mache. They look really beautiful.

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    Mys sister is really into paper mache jewellery... She has made a lot of 'em...

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    There are very many ideas in net

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    There are really many ideas!!!


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