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    Parental control

    How do you keep you children safe in case of gadgets? Are all these apps/software really effective for this?

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    Depends on how old your child is. For the smallest ones (I mean not older than 4-5 yo) using of gadgets isn't necessary at all in my opinion, maybe only for watching cartoons sometimes.
    But in older age, including teenage years too I can recommend to follow such tips from my own experience:
    - spending time online with your children, while preparing information for their homeworks or entertainment (but keep your search engine in a safe mode)
    - setting usage and time limits for gadgets (it's necessary for their health too, especiialy for the small ones)
    - explain your children about possible dangers of net and teach them how to use it safely (for example, never share with your personal information, sending your photos and videos to unknown strangers and so on)
    - using of various parental control tools (there's a plenty of them now and they're really effective like keylogger software for monitoring your children activities and blocking/filtering inappropriate content, also many such apps and types of software work in a hidden mode which makes them hard for detecting by children)
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    Parental Control is not a full proof concept. Parental Influence IS. So parents should educate the child about what is right and what is wrong.
    Often deprivation and prohibition will lead to more pull towards what is prohibited.
    Some of the things what we are doing (in our home) is as below:

    * We have proactively been exposing our kid to internet and its applications viz. e-mails, social networking, gaming, chatting etc etc since she was 4 years of age.
    * Time of use are pre-agreed
    * One parent is always present with child while she on internet
    * Passwords are known to all the three of us = all secrets must be known to all three, there is no hidden thing among the three,
    * What is done on internet is known to all three, it must be shared openly, discussed during meals, family time. Trying to bring transparency and influence.

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    Try to walk a lot
    do different exersices

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    This gadget addiction is a problem for a big amount of kids, unfortunately. There are some apps that can help. For example, Youtube Kids app will help you to protect children from cruel and sexual content. There is also an app I've read about on which is intended for remote control of other devices. The app is called TeamViewer and I think it's a great tool for parental control.


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