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    What is the best HR software for a small business?

    What is the best HR software for a small business?

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    Keka is an employee experience platform that solves issues faced by every HR person such as attendance management, automated payroll processing and talent management.

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    The best is the one smoothly integrated into your system and satisfying all your needs. The best way is to develop your own HR software, unique. You see, we have a software from Lanteria and I should say it works pretty well for our company, no problem, only income and positive results

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    It is better to order comprehensive software for the entire office. It should contain both HP and other company business processes. Yes, and for small businesses it is more economical. I learned from my own experience. We have a family medicine center. We developed LightIT software for us to improve the quality of hospital management It includes the PR options, financial questions, reports and much more.


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