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    Do you trade Forex?

    Have you ever earned any money with it? How much?

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    Yes, I became interested in Forex trading several years ago and it's one of my main resources for making money now
    It's based on foreign currencies exchange market and their changes in prices are your source for making money, also Forex is based on trading the currency pairs (like for example EUR/USD). It's a very accessible market in general but like any other type of trading it demands experience and knowledge for becoming really successful. That's why all newbies should spend much time with gaining them and be careful with investing too much money in the very beginning, this often leads to big money losses. It's important also to find a good and safe CFD broker like on AvaTrade's Facebook page or the other types of them for protecting all your money investments.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NeonSun View Post
    Have you ever earned any money with it? How much?
    I wouldn't tell you how much I earned, but without my broker I can't did this.
    So if you are just in the beginning of the large way I forex world, I will suggest you to choose trusted broker. For example I work with this:

    But there are many other options and you choose select what suit better for you.

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    As for me, I don't like trading on FX. I prefer to earn money with a simple way on betting or cryptocurrency.

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    I am not trading but I like to use where I can make money online. It's really interesting method of making cash because you don't need to think about anything just to watch your favorite sport.


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