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    What is better for an elderly person to care at home or live in a nursing home?

    The fact is that my father wants to live at home. but he is no longer able to serve himself, he is almost 70 years old and his pressure often rises. According to him, he wants to live alone or in a nursing home, so as not to embarrass me with his presence. What do i do? How to persuade him?

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    That's a very difficult question. For example, an old man needs special medical supervision. Can you provide it at home?

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    I do not argue that nursing homes are bad. But it seems to me that all the same, old people live at home. You can hire a person with a medical education

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    It is good that we love and worry about our parents. I never understood the people who take their parents to nursing homes. I don’t think it’s so difficult to look after your parents at home. The only thing is, we can’t always provide them with proper medical care, but this problem can also be solved. My friend recently found a person with a medical education for her parents through allheart agency contact you too. They will definitely be able to help you.

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    Everyone should decide on your own.

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    Care a home of cause!

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    Try to treat it with gamalon. My friend bought gammon for her father and is very pleased with his effectiveness. She says that improvements were noticeable after a week of use. Only according to her, you need to buy the original of this medicine, she found and ordered it online. By the way, she did not notice side effects.


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