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    Any Craftistas in Italy?

    Hi All,
    I'm a longtime lurker, love the site!
    Been living in Florence Italy for the past few months and with winter and the holiday season coming on, I'm really missing friends back home in Australia.

    Was hoping I could track down other crafty people in this fine city or around, to catch up, share some crafting tips or wax lyrically about the beauty of the cradle of renaissance!

    Any other sun worshipers far from home?

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    OK so this is probably totally unlikely... but I was in Florence over the weekend, and I talked to this Aussie who was working in an internet cafe, she made bags... don't suppose this was you? (If it was, I was the NZer with glasses, visiting my (also NZer) friend who's doing an art-history Phd). Either way, I'm back in London now and seriously missing the food. Yes, beauty of the cradle of the renaissance and all... but the pasta, and the pastries for breakfast! Wow!

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    That was me!!!!
    How very strange, I think you were my inspiration for posting! I thought after meeting you two printing patterns that there must be other crafty ladies around here.
    hee hee
    Hope you're not missing the pastries too much. I could post 'em...


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