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    How do I stop smoking weed if Iíve been smoking every day for the last three years?

    How do I stop smoking weed if Iíve been smoking every day for the last three years? I donít think I can make it through the day without smoking.

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    Create new habits that will make you feel good. Start exercising, meditating, cooking, eating healthy, or anything else that is going to give you a sense of happiness and wellbeing

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    I believe you need a professional help. But first you should turn to this addiction hotline
    You can be provided with immediate access to support and advice from a trained counselor without waiting to make an appointment or go to a clinic. The services of an addiction helpline are free and confidential. Besides useful information, you can benefit from clarity of through and gain a sense of control over the situation. It was pretty helpful for my nephew, hope it will work for you too.

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    What is your purpose of smoking weed? Do you do this for medicinal purposes? In this case I can suggest replacing weed with CBD oil. It has a strong effect, so you won't need to smoke anymore. If you are interested, check CBD information in order to choose a proper product. Anyway, I wish you good luck!

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    No, unfortunately. It's not even theoretically likely, not that it's actually...
    Here's the dilemma. Since from the psychological point of view, a person's life activity consists mainly of self-satisfaction and bringing pleasure to oneself, then every person has at least some kind of addiction, small or big: from attraction to sugar, to sexogolism, smoking, alcoholism, or even to complete drug addiction. Handles these things vipvorobjev com . Because it's grey and dangerous. The formation of the addiction system depends (I apologize for the taffetology) on quite a few reasons (biological, psychological) - on the social environment, on education, on biological predisposition to special sensitivity, to problems of catecholomine character .

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    tell yourself that it hurts your health

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    Guys, do you know where I can buy some marijuana? Thanks in advance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nawfzide View Post
    Guys, do you know where I can buy some marijuana? Thanks in advance!
    I have never smoked it so I cannot help you.


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