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    What is the alignment of your character in wow classic?

    What is the alignment of your character in wow classic? and how do you play the specified alignment for your character?
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    You know everything here is a little complicated. He bounces away from legitimate good and neutral good. Personally, my character bounced around her alignment as things failed. Although at its core, my character wants to protect people, especially those under his command. In general, he does everything he can to save everyone. Sometimes this does not always work, but he will try it anyway.
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    Hi! Although I myself do not play wow classic, I am a little versed in this game. My brother, just a fan of this game and constantly talks only about it. Either he can’t reach a certain level, then he can kill mobs, then he recently had problems with character leveling. In short, with his problems (in particular, with character alignment), he turns to WoW Classic leveling According to him, experienced gamers help him in this service.

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