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    Small Business Thread

    Small business owners, what is the biggest problem you face? I'm thinking of starting my won business and I'm looking for at CRM options. What are you using? What do you recommend?

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    this is a pretty tricky question

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    I try to rely only on my strength. I do my business with respect to money only personally. So I do only where everything depends only on me, I do not rely on anyone anymore This is not the worst site to earn. And I have been able to see this many times. There everything works as it should. If you are with brains and you understand something in sport, you can earn there and be quite wealthy. This is better than any kind of business, customers and others

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    thanks for creating such an interesting topic

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    Thank you for creating such an important topic. My business brings me more than $ 5,000 a month and I do not want to stop there. I think that the secret of my success in the quality software that this company has developed for me. (check my reference) I have been cooperating with them for more than a year and recommend their services to all my friends.

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    Guys! Have you ever heard of Python courses?
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    I know that it's very important for a small business to have enough resources to develop. You need professionals and in some cases it's more profitable for you to find outsourcing services, for example, when I started to develop my online store, I needed to find help for e-commerce owners in managing some business processes and communicating with clients. I found WOW24-7 service and they offered me quite favorable terms. At the very least, I saved money on renting an office and buying all the support needed for their work.


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