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Thread: Insomnia

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    It's not PMS, I've been trying to exercise, and I've stopped all forms of caffeine. But I seriously cannot sleep for more than 5 hours at a stretch. And since this has been going on for almost 3 weeks now, I'm starting to get a little worried about what's going on with my metabolism.

    Anybody else having problems with getting a good night's sleep? When did you finally go see a doctor about it? And besides trying Tylenol PM and working out, what crafty solutions might help me get some ZZZZs?

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    Hi Snufkin:

    My problem is more along the lines of getting to sleep rather than staying asleep. But here are some thoughts:

    *For me, the insomnia is so often tied to me mental state. Is there something (or several things) you might be fretting about, even subconsciously, that could be interfering with your sleep?

    *Alcohol - do you drink before you go to bed at all? Alcohol can interrupt sleep

    *Sometimes if I wake up wide awake at like 2 or 3 am, I get up and take a long hot shower, and often times the shower makes me sleepy enough that I can get a couple more hours before waking up for work

    *Do you think maybe you're going to bed too early? Like, are you waiting until you're very tired before going to bed?

    *Do you watch tv or use the computer close to bedtime? Those can both cause states of wakefulness.

    That's alls I can think of, best of luck. . .

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    Lilac and Chamomiel in tea,sprays,soaps etc are suppose to help you sleep.
    Also look for hidden caffine in chocolate and gum(yep).

    And maybe you only need 5 hours.When you wake up try not to force yourself to go back to sleep.Then if your tired later take a short nap....and is pregnancy a possibility?That can really make ya not sleep subconcience and all.


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