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Thread: Sport bets

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    Sport bets

    Hey gamers Do you prefer playing real soccer with friends or just play it in the computer ? Do you like watching it on tv?Do you make sport bets?

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    I like playin it and real and in the computer and i like to watch it on tv. I’m a basketball fan , Jordan forever! I need to be aware of all the games results and scores , it’s very important for me to know everything , and sometimes even I make bets over here to get extra money for my family needs!

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    stopped betting 5 years ago

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    I don't play soccer, but I bet on such soccer club teams as Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich. Though many people are suspiious about betting, I find it to be a profitable hobby. I should say, it is similar to gambling (that doesn't seem to concern people too much). I use only trusted sites from and I have a rule not to lose more than I win, so I've never lost much money betting.

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    When I have some free time I usually watch movies like you or gamble as well. It's such a captivating thing for me that I often can't stop doing it. If you haven't tried it yet, then I recommend you to read some reviews of them on best live casino bonuses right there. You can play now andd get fun!


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