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    Ass kicking women in the media

    I just came back from seeing the second Kill Bill and I've been thinking about a subject that comes up often in the media that's dear to my heart. I do love my ass kicking chicks, the Buffys, the Sydney Bristows, the... Brides. You know. I haven't seen the Charlie's Angels movies simply for fear that my love of ass kicking chicks would override my bullshit detector.

    The Brunching Shuttlecocks said that the formula for a perfect blockbuster movie was "pretty ladies in sexy outfits kicking ass." I really want to think of ass kicking women as an empowering thing, especially when it's done realistically (Alias has been good for this, as martial arts training is a little easier to come by than, say, supernatural blessings), but I keep thinking of the idea that it's just another way to attract more people by changing Arnold Schwartenofthemoment to a pretty lady with nice boobies. 'Cause it's kind of brilliant that way, you know?

    So what do you think? I'm not talking myself out of the ass kicking women (I'll be damned if any slight conflict is going to pry my Buffy DVDs from my fingers), but I do wonder what other people think about this phenomenon. Twisted result of the supposed postfeminism era? Genius hybrid of what audiences want? Or could it be something that touches on something genuine and good?

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    i have to admit i never think too much about it.

    strong female role models are good.

    (sorry thats the extent of my thinking)


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