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    Christmas gift plans just fell through

    I'm a little low on funds this year, and the only thing my wonderful fiance asked for was just a bit out of reach. So I crafted together a plan to get it for him, but with a discount, so it would be affordable. Unfortunately, the store was out - and now I have no way of even ordering it online to get it for him - even if I could afford it that way.

    He says that doesn't upset him, and I believe him. But I still want him to be able to open something on christmas morning. So I've crafted together a few ideas that might make him happy and maybe you gals can help me out a bit more. He's a dorky guy. And I love that about him. He develops software, and the present I'd had planned to get him was the lego robotics set.

    So far, here are a few little things I'm going to make him:
    - Poly clay Link from zelda - I made one of these a while ago, and he'd asked for one, but I never managed to make it for him.
    - Embroider some nintendo/gaming/other dorky image onto a heat pack cover (He's been using heat packs a lot lately, I thought this might be nice.) Anyone have ideas for images? I was thinking bubble bobble, since he uses that as an avatar on his gaming chat.
    - Carve a stamp that says "PWND" and a red ink pad - sort of an inside joke, like a "DENIED" stamp, but geeky.

    I have all the stuff for this, save maybe a few colors of embroidery floss, but I can handle that.

    I really could use more ideas, and you girls are my last hope. A year or so ago, I made him an origami chess set. And last year I made him a dna scarf, if that helps. Even the title of a book I could pick up quickly would help - he's into the software geeky scene.

    Thank you so much

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    Sorry I don't have anymore ideas, but I just wanted to say that the things that you are making sound awesome! I'm positive that he'll love everything!

    I'm making my husband a heat pack too and I think the embroidery idea is great. My husband is a gamer too, but I'm not sure how to incorporate that.

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    I don't know if his software geekiness transfers over into old video game geekiness, but the really pixely images from old video games (like centipede or something) are great to cross stitch. You could make a sign or a picture frame for his desk/cubicle/work station. You could also make some kind of personalized mouse pad...
    I know how that feels, so good luck! I'm sure he'll be happy with anything knowing the effort you put into it.

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    My bf is geeky guy, and we were in the mall last night and he was drooling over these miniature race cars at the Discovery store. Maybe your bf would drool over those as well? They were $10 each, so not too expensive. You could get a pair and have races on Christmas morning (or just annoy the cat).


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