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    Cleaning summer shoes - ideas?

    So, summer's here, and while I've been working on pretty feet, my summer shoes look like crap.

    I have a pair of Rocket Dog strappy platform sandles I love. The footbed is really thing pieces of interwoven grass-stuff (almost looks like pieces of palm leaves, not sure if it's real or synthetic). Though I wash everyday, the footbed is turning brown with dirt, dirt that's really stuck to it.

    I've soaked the shoes in soapy water and wiped them off. I tried using a kitchen spray cleaner on just the footbed and then taking a scrub brush to them - it's a little better, but not all the way. Any ideas? (I've heard of the miracle of the Magic Eraser. I wonder if that would work?).

    I hate summer shoes, so perserving these would be great (as would finding a place that sells afordable espadrilles, as they might be my summer saviour).

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    yes try the Magic Eraser. It has to be pretty damp but gosh darn it , it works... got the dirt in the tile grout with no problems at all (if you have any jewelry, remove it just in case since it might scratch)



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