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    I'm having a Grrrr sort of day

    Who else is having a Grrr sort of day and why?

    -I got up at 6 am to telephone register for my classes. I finally got through about 8am. Then the stupid thing told me my SSN or pin number was wrong. I know my SSN isn't and I verified my pin the other day. I know my class will be full by now and walk in registration isn't until next week.

    -My husband works second shift so I make dinner the night before and just reheat it. Last night while cooking I turned my back for like 2 seconds and a cat had jumped on the counter and was chowing down on tonight 's dinner. As many times as it happens you would think I knew better.

    -I keep having crazy dreams. Last night I dreamed that I was at my grandfather's funeral (he died about 14 years ago) and they had strippers. STRIPPERS!?!?!?!?! This about the 4th night in a row i've had weirdo dreams like that.

    Hopefully tomorrow will be better

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    Hehe, at least you have a well-fed cat.

    I don't have the energy today to have a grrr day, it's more like a meh day:

    - woke up with a headache, a backache, and sinus pressure.

    - made some really stupid mistakes at work today (I suspect caffeine withdrawal had a hand in that).

    - I've been having really weird dreams, too: last night's main event involved zombies and keeping a close eye on the beer supply to make sure I and my companion survivors didn't run out. We dwindled down to two survivors, me (I was male) and a girl, and she was dying when I woke up (on the verge of tears). It was very strange.

    - our constant attempt to find somewhere permanent to live makes every day a grrr day.

    I hope tomorrow is better for you! : )

    eta: oh my god, I didn't realize a regular smiley would make a freaky emoticon -- maybe adding a space will make it return to regular friendly emoticon-ness.

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    I'm having bank issues bank blows ass!


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