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    home decor

    I need an idea for a new look for my place. it has to be SUPER cheap and easy because, let's face it, i like to get crafty, but I don't succeed 100% of the time!!

    Any ideas? I live in Chicago, and have no car, only the El and bus.


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    Hmmm... sounds like a challenge. New pillows are good, on sofas or beds-- throw pillows I mean. If you have a sewing machine, you can even make new covers for pillows you already have. Maybe fun new curtains? And of course a few cans of paint will do it inexpensively, if somewhat time consumingly...And of course mixing it up on the walls-- maybe hanging up a pretty bedspread you like as art? Or buying cheap canvases and paint/glue and painting clouds, or doing a cool collage to hang up? Or posters in those inexpensive poster frames...

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    71 has some good ideas

    check for cheap furniture

    visit thriftstores for cheap frames, repaint them all in the same color, frame favorite postcards or fabric or photos and hang them in themed groupings

    or visit an artstore and pick up some pre-stretched canvases and paint them in different colors and hang together

    refinishing/reupholstering furniture is pretty easy, start with what you have already

    sew or purchase a slipcover for your sofa if it's less than attractive

    i agree, paint can transform a room, don't be afraid of "bold" colors

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    Painting seems to be one of the quickest ways to get a new look. If you're not up for painting an entire room (it can be pretty hard work sometimes), then you can paint only one wall, or only the bottom half of one or more walls, or only the molding, etc. That way you're using less paint (which means less money) and you'll get quicker results.

    Other options to change: window coverings, plants, lighting arrangements, books. And of course, rearranging the furniture always helps.

    Oh, and maps are good for wall decorations - cheap and colorful.

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    If you are near a Habitat for Humanity store, you can buy quantities of paint for cheap. They'll usually have a smear on top of the lid of the content's color. Or you could buy some oops paint at any paint store. They may not have them out, but there usually are some mistakes hanging around. They'll just be colors that were not quite what the customer wanted.

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    Calendars and cards can make neat artwork. Right now calendars are going on sale, so you could probably get some for cheap.

    I found a stack of really cool placemats at a discount home store near me, and turned them into throw pillows. If you don't have a sewing machine you could even just whipstitch them together - edges are already finished.

    I use sheets a lot to change looks. They are cheaper than buying fabric for some things and are the right size for lots of projects. I've used them for:

    Shower curtains (I found a twin flat sheet with a ruffle on one end. Hemmed the top to the appropriate length & made big button holes for the hooks)

    Furniture covers (the lighter-weight fabric works best on light colored, minimal patterned furniture, because it's a bit see-through. But you can tuck, stitch or glue directly to the furniture if it's old or you don't care. If you want to make a full out cover though, I'd use real upholstery fabric)

    Table cloths - I covered a 4 ft folding table (took the bottom part of the legs off to make it the right height) with a sheet and voila - coffee table. It's a big presence in the room and made a difference. Plus I can change the color and get a different feel.

    Curtains - There are all kinds of no-sew options, from draping a sheet (or fabric if you find cheap stuff you like) like a scarf across the top of curtain rods, to tying it in knots or just cutting one in half and safety-pinning it over the rod. If you mess with cut edges, either hem or fabric glue them so they don't get all frayed.

    I've heard of putting fabric on the walls using liquid starch. It supposedly comes right down whenever you want without damaging the walls. If you can't paint that might be an idea to cover the walls.

    Sometimes just changing things around helps. My dad used to switch complete rooms when he felt the need for a change. We'd come home from school and the living room would be re-arranged completely, and our bedrooms had switched places. You could always switch out curtains and artwork from room to room, and rearrange the furniture.


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