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    short hair - where is that cool website?!

    I have recently cut my long hair short (completely another story on its own!) but it's time for a trim or restyle and I'm feeling creative.

    Does anybody know the address to that cool japanese website with haircuts that was mentioned in old glitter several times?! i tried checking the waybackmachine archive but the thread that i think it was in is probably the only missing link on the site, aaah!!

    On another note - has anybody noticed that after completely restyling your hair none of your usual clothes and style seem to fit anymore!?

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    i think this is what you are looking for:

    you go with your short cut! i have been trying to grow mine out for a long time. grueling.

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    Those are some cute hairstyles. I've been needing to get my shortish hair cut again, but I wanted to think of a good style first.

    Unfortunately, my hair is wavy, so I'm not so sure that those cool Japanese cuts would work on me... my hair never looks that straight, even when I try to straighten it.


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