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    (Not so) New Kid on the Block...

    Hello Everyone!

    It's been about a million years since I've visited, and for some reason the other day, out of the blue I started thinking about you gals and wondering if the site was still here, and wouldn't ya know it- it was! :) Anyway, to those of you "old" friends, hello again and I hope all is well with you! To those who have joined recently, welcome- I'm sure you've already figured out that this is a wonderful community with lots of supportive & insightful women.

    There's been a lot of events in my life recently- I passed the Bar exam and am now working in a real job as a lawyer! I'm still getting used to having no homework (although I was able to teach myself to knit since I have a lot more free time), but I really like my boss and I like the work that I'm doing so that's great too. I'm not currently seeing anyone- still getting over having my heart broken by a guy I really thought was "The One" last year (unfortunately, the other girl he was dating probably thought so too... ). Boys! :)

    Well, I hope all's well. If you all get a chance, please fill me in on what you've been up to in the last year or so!


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    I was trying to find a good thread to post on & this is as good as any. I totally remember you.

    I haven't posted on any bulletin board since glitter (OG) broke up. I am really happy to see so many names I recognize.

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    oh i'm so happy to see you here! i totally remember your posts, you always had such a wonderful writing style, and so many times i thought - she's clear, concise, and incredible articulate, she'll be a great lawyer. so glad to see you. hope you had good holidays, and re: the guy - it's kind of like a get out of jail free card when you find out stuff like that before you get married to it. i know how much it hurts at the core, and i hope 2005 brings you the best (which is what you deserve!)



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