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    Yoga DVD Recommendations?

    I can't afford yoga classes right now, but want to start up a home practice and am looking for one or two good DVDs to work with. I prefer astanga practice, so was considering Brian Kest's Power Yoga collection or Shiva Rea's Shakti Yoga.

    I'm also thinking of getting MTV Pilates Mix for some non-yoga conditioning. I love my Jennifer Kries tape but could use a shorter option.

    So, mainly looking for yoga recs but thoughts on either appreciated.


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    I have the AM/PM yoga set. It's probably a little easier than what you want, but it's good. I needed something to help me relax.

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    Check out the "gaiam" website if you want something that is very explanitory. I love pilates for dummy's because it explains things without you getting tired of just hearing them talk. Perhaps there is a yoga for dummy's too but I haven't seen it. I also have "crunch pilates", I only did it once but the tape seems fun.

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    there is a yoga for dummies that is the same format as pilates for dummies. I like this pilates because i can even do it and i'm 200 lbs LOL.

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    Do you know what kind of yoga you're interested in doing? I'd figure that out first and then get yoga specifically for that type. I have a Kundalini yoga tape that I use whenever I feel the need to have my body cleaned up, and it's great (Kundalini is more aerobic than some yogas).

    If you're really interested, you just might want to find a yoga that suits you if you're going to invest in DVDs.

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    I picked up "Yoga Mind and Body" ( the recommendation of a woman with whom I took a bellydance workshop (who is also a yoga practicioner/teacher). I haven't tried it yet; I do enjoy the Gaim Yoga for Weightloss video (lots of modifications). She (Rachel Brice) will have a Yoga/Bellydance DVD out in the new year ( at Amazon or her site Check out her videos, she's amazing,


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