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Thread: losing weight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soapandwater View Post
    Do NOT count calories. DO NOT NOT NOT NOT count calories. It can become obsessive. (Sorry, MrBubbles, but I do not think that's healthy for people wanting to lose weight).

    Try to eat as healthy for you as possible. Try to exercise moderately. The weight will come off if you do that. I'm not kidding.

    For ME, I had to cut back on my cheese intake, I don't egg yolks (which is fine by me, to tell the truth), and I try to take a walk everyday.

    A lot of people try to argue that exercise is boring, or they don't have time to exercise. My argument is if you have time to watch t.v., you have time to exercise, and most people sure find time for t.v.

    As for exercise being boring, that's all about changing it for you. I listen to music or walk with a friend. I prefer to walk with a friend because it's really NOT boring when I do that. And, really, walking is one of the best exercises you can do.

    Walking and swimming.
    No, really. Try it. Running might be too difficult (and hard on the knees) and discourage people from doing it for extended periods of time. But walking is fabulous. I can walk for a pretty long time and not get too exhausted.
    Why not? It works perfect

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    I also recommend using the doctors' help. Recently I started to use injections and can say where to get HGH injections which are good for the overall health. It's very important to know all aspects of the body and to get the consultation of the doctor.

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