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Thread: Good Things

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    Good Things

    -finally finished moving, now I just need to unpack
    -We may possibly move to Utah, on second thought I may not unpack
    -cats lined up on my window taking a nap
    -Dad letting me drive around in his shiny new truck
    -My Mom loved the ring I made her for Mother's Day
    -leftover chinese food
    -finally got my computer back up and running
    -My Savannah vacation guide arrived. I can't wait to take Ghost tours and boating trips to see dolphins

    I'm just full of good things today.

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    Haven't done one of these in a while, need to practice conscious gratitude

    -Leaving for a drink at a work happy hour where I will presumably see my secret boyfriend (he does not know he's my boyfriend, that's the secret).
    -Have had varied assignments at work, which is more pleasant than monotony.
    -The day approaches when I will close on my condo and begin painting my very own place!
    -The paint colors I have picked are fabulous and colorful and bright and cheerful and I can't wait for my coccoon to envelop me in color when I come home from work.
    -It is warm, finally, indisputably. Am wearing inappropriate clothes to work and covering them up with an office cardigan. Get a secret thrill from doing this.
    -Making pistachio shell frogs for my brother, I think they will be very cute (if I can find their centers of gravity and glue the legs in such a way that they'll stand up).
    -My hair is looking nice and not juvenile; when I first got it cut I felt it was an extremely juvenile length. I have now either gotten used to it or it has grown in the past three weeks. The color is holding up nicely.

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    * Sleepover with two of my friends tomorrow night! It'll be fun. I love girly time.

    * Drunken fireworks watching at my school's Springfest Saturday night.

    * In the fall I might go to South Korea and/or Thailand for my travel break. I am so excited.

    * I'm getting recognized for something at an honors convocation on Tuesday, and my daddy is coming to Chicago (from Minnesota) to see it. I miss my daddy. I'm so glad I get to see him!

    * It's supposed to stop raining soon. It's been raining all week.

    * All kinds of people told me I looked cute today. Yay for cuteness!

    * I got to go to the zoo yesterday for a field trip. The petting zoo rocked my socks off. While there, I hung out with my friend Tyler a lot, who I've barely seen this year.

    Wow, I've been in such a foul mood lately, and I found all sorts of good things! That makes me feel better.

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    Little Rhody
    What a great Thread!

    *It is FRIDAY!
    *My iced french vanilla coffee with melting ice cubes in it
    *picking out colors for our(my boy & I) new place we move into in June
    *selling all the handbags I made last weekend
    *the perfect tempurature outside



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