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    What's the best office chair for under $200?

    If it is for home office use (you only need one, not fill an office full of them) then I would look at a used version of a more expensive chair. You really do not get much for less than $3-400 in a new office chair in today's market.

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    Howdy! Comfortable office chairs are important because if you sit on the chair and you feel that you have an issue in your back while sitting on chair then you will tire and do not work for long hours. but if your chair is comfortable then you can work easily. Check this page — office chair wholesale for details.

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    Oh that is a big problem for me also! I am working as a writer with and I spend really at least 8-9 years in my chair, haha)
    My office chair was just noname firm and I find it really great, now working from home because of COVID that was a problem for me to find a good chair.
    I believe that that is very individually and you need to check a chair first offline somewhere in a market.
    As for me I am still looking for a chair that will fits me perfectly!
    I will just give you one advice, DON'T BUY GAMING CHAIRS, they are just AWFUL!

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    I am using the Ergonomic office chair Elegant T21, gray color. This is a high-class office chair, which I have been using for 2 years now, without back pain, very comfortable sitting

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    fresh air up


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