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    Graduation and family=drama

    So I am graduating from college tomorow and already everyone is making a production about it. There calling saying we thought we could come we cant, I have to sit alone at home now because I cannot come, my dog died I can't come...I do feel bad but I feel like everyone is making this all about them. Wanting me to feel sorry for them and whatnot. I just want to relax and enjoy my day and everyone is making that impossible.

    Any tips...its only friday morning and I am already annoyed....


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    just remember it is your day and yours alone....if you could have a good friend be there for you that would be ideal, but treat it as you would your b-day (do what you want, when you want - eat, drink, sit, stand, watch tv...whatever makes you happy!). oh, and a big ol' congrats from me.

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    I have no real advice, but...

    Congratulations! What an accomplishment. You should be so proud of yourself.

    And if it's possible to ignore the family craziness, do so. Most likely, those that make it will turn their attention to you and help you celebrate properly. When they see you in your cap and gown, they'll just melt with pride and joy.

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    I say enjoy it as best as you can. Gather with good friends and toast to a job well done. Families are crazy, and you aren't alone, so I say have a grand time with or without them...

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    Hey, I can feel your pain. I am graduating next month and I know what you are going through.

    My boy and I weren't even planning to walk, but our families really want us too so we agreed. We are given a limited number of tickets, but some people want to bring everyone and thier mother to our graduation. Like his dad wants to bring his new wife, her son, and her brother along with his family. Other than that being totally uncomfortable, because we barely know them, it is totally unreasonable to expect that many tickets. And they all want us to have a big huge party, which we can't afford, and don't feel comfortable having someone else pay for.

    We gave an ultimatum, only close blood relatives (moms, dads, sisters, bros) and my best friend/roommate and a lunch afterward.

    Just remember that this day is for you! You did all that hard work and it finally paid off. Don't let shitty people ruin it for you.

    miss e


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