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    I just got back from a trip in Egypt and it was fantastic - I only had 2 weeks and it wasn't quite enough time. I recommend it to everyone - you get the crazy chaotic city life in Islamic Cairo, the history and drama of the Pharonic sites along the Nile and then I hit Dahab in the Sinai peninsula for some Scuba Diving and beach time. I would have loved to do a desert trek with the Bedouins too, but there is only so much time...

    Anywa, now I have the travel bug and would love to do more scuba diving, so am thinking Hondouras or Cozumel or somewhere else in the Caribbean. I've always wanted to go to Ireland (maybe even live there for a couple of years), Paris, I have family in Italy who I am long overdue to visit, and now that I am hooked on the middle east - Turkey and Syria. That should keep me busy for a few years at least!

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    I really want to go to Finland to retrace my ancestry.

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    It's harder for me to list the places I don't want to go.

    Like stella, I don't have a lot of desire to go to India. The crowds would get to me, and as a Western woman, it's very hard to travel around.

    I know it's crowded as well, but I would love to go to China, mostly to see where my ancestors lived.

    I also want to go to Hawaii, as I'd love to examine the ethnic mixing there.

    Other areas of interest include Russia, Thailand, Cuba, Spain and Mexico. I'd also like to see more of Canada and the United States, and return to Mongolia, Indonesia and Chile. I also want to go to Japan and Egypt.

    One of my dream trips is to take the train from China to Russia, via Mongolia. If I start to think about travelling, I get a horrible case of wanderlust.

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    I want to go to Tuscany and see if it really is like the pictures!

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    i would absolutely LOVE to see Rome along with all of Italy. Egypt has always fascinated me. England and France (ok, all of europe, lol) would be amazing as well. I also really want to visit Alaska again (i went with my family a few years ago but we just didn't have enough time!!) i really, really, really want to see the aurora borealis. a lot. hmmm... the grand canyon. those mayan/aztec ruins in central america. australia for sure. and japan! i forgot about japan! along with china, korea, vietnam... the list goes on and on. also, one of the absolute coolest things ever would be to rent an RV and go cross-country (USA). i just think that would be awesome.

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