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    Digi camera suggestions?

    does anyone have suggestions or comments about a good digi camera? i had a canon (which i loved) it was a bit outdated and i dropped it. the cost to fix it is more than what the camera is even worth now.

    any suggestions? brands? i was comparing the canon s500 to a nikon and a sony camera... canon looks the best so far.

    oh and yes price is a factor.


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    We just got a Canon Powershot (300?) and our pictures turned out great! Though I guess since you had a Canon already you already know that they're good.

    One thing when worrying about price, though - when you go to buy your "film" card, they come in different speeds. A faster speed flash card will make a difference when you take multiple pictures in a row. I never had to wait for a picture to save before I could take the next during my whole trip, which was my biggest frustration with my old camera. So save some money for a better card too :)

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    I've been pleased with my Kodak (I just got the DX7630 and LOVE IT! Replaced a broken fuji 4800). Not sure what your price is, but the DX7440 and the CX7430 are supposed to be good too.

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    Here's another thread about digi cam reccomendations.

    I have a Nikon coolpix 3100.

    I got it on mega sale and I love it. It's small, has 3.2 megapixel. Nikons have really good mico shooting. If you put it on sports mode then you can get faster shots. But I have noticed that there is a lag on all digi cames that I have used.

    Here is a website with great reviews and pic samples.


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