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    does anyone know how to cut hair?

    and if so, could you give me an easy tutorial? it's never looked terribly difficult , but i've always lacked the guts to try. i'm interested in cutting my hair very short, pixie short...but any sort of haircutting guidelines would be appreciated.


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    I cut my boyfriend's hair occasionally. My advice would be to cut slowly, a little bit at a time. That way you can make decisions as you go rather than cutting off a huge chunk and then possibly being stuck with something you don't like. If you're going really short from long, then you can cut off the long parts in big pieces and then style the short hair more slowly. As for techniques, I think you should just do what looks good to you. Trying to use professional techniques can be intimidating because it makes haircutting seem much harder than it is. Just think of it as an art project.

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    My advice (as a woman with a happy pixie cut):

    Get it professionally done first. Or at least have someone else that you trust around to help you.

    That way you can trim it as it starts to grow out if you like it, using the original cut as a guide. This is what I do. The Copilot is good to have around as it can be rather hard to assess what you are doing with the back of your head! :o)

    If you're going really really short you could just borrow someones hair clippers - the kind that have attachments for length. Using the longest attachment you can just buzz and go - leaving behind a clean and even hair cut.

    good luck!

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    I agree with SheIsMe. A pixie cut is a bit too complicated to be done at home first time around.

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    It all depends on how neat you want your haircut. I gave my friend a pixie style cut in high school and it looked really cute and fun. Her mom came home though and insisted on taking her to the salon. She wasn't mad or anything, but she was a little conventional... I used scissors at first, her hair was a little past shoulder length, and then followed up with a beard trimmer! I laugh about it now, so I would second the idea of getting a real hair-cutting device, if only for ease of use. If you're going for a pixie look, it doesn't matter if the hair is a little uneven, but definitely have a friend help you. It is so much fun giving/receiving haircuts with a friend! You will giggle till you cry from laughing.

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    i cut my hair all through college, and now i've been growing it out long, so haven't done it in a while.

    but when i was cutting it myself, i had a pixie cut for a while, and later a blunt bob with straight-across bangs. my technique for both cuts was to set up a mirror opposite another mirror so that i could see exactly what was happening. (or open up the sides of one of those bathroom triptych mirrors, where you can stick your head in and see from all angles...) then, wetting the hair and using my fingers, i could basically feel out how short to cut, and cut little bits at a time. i always thought that it was easier to cut by touch than to try to figure things out while looking at a mirror, because it gets very confusing when you try to move the scissors in one direction and you realize that it's really the mirror-opposite! i would use the mirror to check the work and see if it needed to be shorter and whether there were bits that were sticking out.

    for the pixie, you can grip a piece of hair between your index and middle finger and cut, repeating all around, and trying to keep the length the same by keeping the fingers about the same length away from the scalp. like people have said, go very slowly and maybe do the front and sides last, as those are the most important. it's always better to cut the same pieces twice than to have some too short and have to cut everything else shorter! to keep things "piece-y" i would try to not even everything out too much (no beard-trimmers!), but to do the piece-by-piece method and WET FREQUENTLY.

    for the blunt bob, i would comb straight and part in the middle. using the same technique, i would grasp manageable bits of hair between the index and middle fingers right at the scalp and slide down to the length i would want to cut--usually about where that bump right at the back of the head is in the back, and following the chin-line in the sides and front. one test for the sides is whether you want to be able to tuck behind the ears or not...check first.

    for bangs, i would wet, comb, and cut straight across, a little longer than i thought was good, as they get a little bouncier and shorter when dry.

    the main thing with these short hair-cuts is that yes, they will be a little shocking at first, but they grow into themselves very quickly (i usually hit a good stride 2-3 days post-cut), and you should update fairly frequently, so you get very used to it and can start to play around. it gets to be very fun and sort of like an art project that you get to show off everywhere you go! now that i have long hair, i'm almost too scared to cut, because i know that it won't grow back in quite so fact it took me a while to stop wanting to cut my hair every 2 weeks, and even now if i stay up too late at night, i'll get the itch to just cut it all off! (it's really one of the side-effects of short hair.)

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    How to cut hair

    Check out Some good information on how to cut hair.

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    i've always cut my hair. & kept it around the above shoulders side.
    it really depends on how you want it to look.
    me, personally, i go for the "i cut my own hair" look. which can often look better than it sounds.
    if you want that, i suggest putting on some good music & cutting wherever you deem nessessary.
    & screw going to a stylist! last time i went, they charged me 80$, which i had to reluctently pay. :/


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