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    Quote Originally Posted by jean
    someon suggested that gweneth pulled a joke by claiming the baby's name is apple. if it's true, how brilliant is that?
    While that would be hilarious - it is indeed genuine - Chris Martin's manager has a daughter named Apple and one of Gwenyth's former directors also has a daughter named Apple. Supposedly they asked them permission before naming the child.

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    Re: crazy baby names

    Quote Originally Posted by oldskoolgeek
    Shannyn Sossamon's son is Audio Science.

    Jason Lee named his son Pilot Inspektor.
    Oh, that is wrongwrongwrong. Audio Science Sossamon? WTF?

    Lordy, lordy. Give me David or Josh any day, even if every 2nd Jewish man is David, Josh or Mike.

    (We used to have a game at Brandeis where we'd (I'd) yell down the quad, "Hey, David/ Josh/ whatever!" and about 50 heads would turn around.

    I never said I had a great sense of humor.)

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    i went to a friend's baby page a few days ago and the names people give their kids, well, kinda give me the creeps.

    the geek that i am, i herely announce i will name my daughter eudora, after the mac program that's named after eudora welty. sweet. :)

    i should probably name my kid linus then, huh? :P


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    Quote Originally Posted by amanelle
    My Dad wanted to name me Maggie May, luckily my Mom stepped in and said NO.

    You are so lucky, I am named Maggie, and EVERYONE thinks it's hysterical to sing Maggie May to me. Despite this I'm quite happy being Maggie especially since I was doomed to be much worse: my mother saved me from being named Mungo (as in Mungo Parks, scottish explorer) and my brother from being Locke (he's now the very staid William) I really don't know what my father was thinking...

    My dear friends have named their child Zelda Mars, which I now adore, athough was intitially unsure about. I've probably warmed up to it, because I adore her - and it fits her personality. In her play group is an Antigone LaRue (Tiggy Rue) and Clementine Ophelia (tragic). I hope they will survive the playground.

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    Re: crazy baby names

    Quote Originally Posted by FayeTownhall
    Wow. Fifi-Trixibelle might well be the best name ever. It's like a poodle exploded in heaven.
    Funniest thing I've seen all day.

    Honestly, I don't think Apple is so bad. Her full name is Apple Blythe Allison Martin (what a Coldplay geek I am!). I think it's more fitting as one of her middle names, though....Allison Apple Blythe flows better in my head.
    I agree that she will be Apple Martin-i later in life. How much you want to bet that as a teenager we know her as Allie Martin (ooooh, I like it!)?

    picapica, I feel your pain. I curse the Beach Boys for penning "Help Me Rhonda". They can kiss my big ole ass.

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