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    Posting Links to New Blog

    Ok so I did it, I have created my very own blog. With family and friends being 2,000 miles away (Calif girl living in Iowa, and yes it's cold!) what a great place to post stuff for all to see/visit. But I have a question...
    I see that I can post a link, but I see on other sites that they use only one word, that will take you directly to that link rather then having the old: (for example). Any help out there for me.

    Thanks, and I love this site.

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    I don't know if this will help you (I don't know if you're using HTML), but this is the code to make a link in HTML:


    that would show up as just "GetCrafty", and clicking on it would take you to this website. Replace the with whatever address you want to link to and put whatever word you want to put to describe the site where GetCrafty is.

    I don't know how much that helps -- I suck at explaining things, sorry. : )

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    Thanks Moon, it worked.


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