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    creative writing/poetry slam

    So, this has probably been done before, but share your stuff.

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    OK, I'll play, if only to give this a bump, because I think it is a cool idea for a thread :). It's been a while since I slammed, but this is a piece I used to do:


    I never see it coming.
    You’d think that with experience I’d learn,
    But my cyclical serendipity always
    Takes me by surprise

    I find you in the strangest places.
    Classrooms and corner bars
    Places which are hardly homes for
    Movie gods and rock stars
    You are everyday and commonplace
    Then suddenly I realize
    You are joy.

    Your pleasure crashes over me in waves
    Salts me, carresses me,
    Pulls me into undertow
    Draws me into depths
    Which teem with life and love and sorrow
    Where a voice whispers to me
    With a classic movie passion,
    “You need kissing,

    And I do
    I crave that moist and probing touch
    That overwhelms all reason,
    Hollows out a space
    That only you can fill.
    Pouring into me a hedonist’s delight,
    A passion for all the beauties I learned be feel
    And recognize in any variation

    Stage fright with spotlights blinding me
    First cigarette that filled me up with mystery
    Startled gropings in the adolescent dark
    Skyline blazing in the Texas night
    Sgt. Pepper on the hi fi
    All the world’s sublimity rolled into you

    I drink you in
    Absorb your entirety
    Cool fingers on my knee
    Sweet calm speaking to the inner parts of me
    Gentleness seeping deep into my flesh and bone –
    Your touch a loveliness
    Adulterous and chaste at once
    Serenity and solace kindling to a fever pitch of
    Flashing lights on freeways
    Where I fly at breakneck speeds
    Through curves sinuous and smooth
    Curves so much like mine
    Which in my dreaming tempt you.

    I long to be alluring
    Just as you are to me
    You move me to ecstasy –
    Where I dance with the ancients
    My hair smoky with the incense of the sacred rites,
    Caught up in nightclub throes and
    Mystified -
    To me, you are communion
    Matchless synchronicity
    By conventions of our consciousness
    Unlimited by definition or complacency

    Thus I partake of you
    Soak up union
    Which leaves you none the wiser
    And me infused with grandeur –
    You do requite me.
    You sing to me,
    Enfold me,
    Encircle me with your transcendence.
    I entreat you to
    Compose me
    Paint me with words
    Play me and shape me like clay
    Until my being burns
    Inspired by you in the antique way
    Drawing breath from you and
    Waking into life –
    I am requited

    We take our leave for now
    But rest assured –
    It will begin again.
    I am adrift in you,
    Lost to your rhythm
    Helpless to your fierce poignancy
    Your luminous fury
    I am at your mercy,
    Longing to long for you
    Aching to ache for you
    Intoxicated, smoldering –
    For you,
    I am insatiable

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    i have pretty much all of my writing from over the years archived on my site at

    here's a poem i was thinking about yesterday, one i wrote when i was in college for my creative writing workshop:

    arrival (for m.f.)

    hips sway hips

    your small thin frame

    swallows space

    play notes of sheer delight

    sing, sing your soul

    not a scent of anxiety in the air

    as strings press

    into hard, strong

    callused fingertips

    sweat drips

    t-shirt soaked with stains

    a veil for your pendulous

    bra-less breasts

    sober ink tattoo time wounds

    scatter across you

    voices cry

    as music drives

    hips sway



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    Indieinkgirl-- Wow! you really know how to create a mood
    Ali-- I like the pace of your poem. You really have control of the meter, even though it's irregular.

    Here's a piece that's not, hm, my best, but it's appropriate for my life at the moment.

    Rhyme, these days, seems so contrived:
    And tears and smiles, emotion, for
    Flowers, we know, will only grow
    Alongside a coffin,
    And if I felt love in return,
    What sort of love would that be?
    A story I once heard
    Equated pain with beauty,
    The least-among-you salvation ideal--
    I hear it every day. We protect ourselves by
    Joining, and we die once we're there, but
    Someday I'll raise my own hope,
    Coffin-free, and the cynics will scoff
    For a time.
    Then I'll rhyme.

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    Wow, Parel, that's awesome - nice imagery, and I love the way it comes full circle at the end. Good job. :)



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