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    Planning my roadtrip in AZ

    Ok, so I usually stick to the crafty-focuses forum but since you are all such great resources I am hitting you up for travel info.

    My partner and I are going to fly from our home in Toronto to Las Vegas, then rent a car to drive and camp in Arizona for 2 weeks.

    We have both wanted to do this for a while, for different reasons including culture, landscape and adventure. I have heard that Sedona is beautiful but I don't really know how to plan or not plan our trip.

    Anybody have any brilliant ideas? We are thinking of spring or autumn to avoid the hottest weather. I am a bit on edge about the creepy crawlies - is shaking out your boots in the morning enough to keep me safe? Do I really need to drive around with 3 gallons of water per passenger like the guidebook says? Are the free campgrounds abundant and vacant?

    So, ya. I am looking for any hot tips for my AZ roadtrip.

    Any help or idea is appreciated.


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    We camped at both rims of the grand canyon a few years ago and loved it, especially the north rim. The views are better at the south rim, but the north rim is less crowded and has a beautiful lodge to have a romantic dinner at :)

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    phx, az
    Jerome is very cool! It's an art town, lots of interesting people!

    Sedona is cool too, a little touristy though.

    I'll send you some info

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    Northern California
    if you can detour to Death Valley, it is worth it. it's not too horribly hot yet this time of year, and it is a gorgeous and bizarre place.

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    isn't death valley in california?

    like craftychica said, jermone is pretty:) grand canyon, definately. never really liked sedona though.

    the only times i've gone camping were in payson & christopher creek during summer. the nights got chilly, but day was pretty tolerable. (i'm an az native btw.)

    i was always taught to take water, food, and a blanket when traveling, so that might be a good idea.

    hope you get to visit :)

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    I love the Grand Canyon. I also really like the northeast area of Arizona. It's so empty and stark and beautiful, especially at sunset.

    One warning--make sure you always have a good amount of gas in your tank. A few stretches of road have nothing, not even one rickety gas pump, for quite a ways.


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